mode invasion in multiplayer

It is to play in multiplayer mode invasion?


  • BenSauropodStudioBenSauropodStudio Administrator
    edited March 2016
    Hi leonardo!

    Could you rephrase question please, I'm not understanding it.


  • DaemonDaemon Member
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    Well, he wants to know how he can play the Invasion Mode with Friends. I also have a Question, when can we play the Invasion Mode, I and my friend see alot of potential in this Game, but we dont play it because we want the ,,Survival/Invasion'' to play together. And it seems that Castle Story didnt really changed that much in the past years... But nevermind, I would be happy if the Games gets a working Survival Mode in Multiplayer.
  • possible play in multiplayer mode, mode invasion?
  • leonardo said:

    possible play in multiplayer mode, mode invasion?

    Right now there's only sandbox mode available. Sauropod is working on the other modes right now. Invasion will come in a future update.
  • Ok thanks. We are currently working on PVP modes for both the survival mode and the conquest one. Currently, the invasion mode in PVP (with a friend) is not supported, but it's an upcoming feature.

    Personally, I'm pretty excited by the PVP conquest mode. It's well underway and we were able to give a little preview a few weeks back:

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