Unit control- need dynamic hotkeys!

Hi- game has come so far! Love all the progress.

But darn it, unit control is so stressful and difficult. I'm playing a conquest map and need to move units around to fight effectively. But they're sort of fast and there are so many.

Please consider adding user defined hotkey support for groups of units as in virtually every RTS.

The problem of trying to select and control moving units is extremely vexing, and only compounded by random non-fighting bricktrons who spontaneously wander into danger! Worst is fighting a wave of bifftrons and warlock/witch corruptrons and workers wandering around the map aimlessly and activating all the other shards. Too much to do = ragequit.

TLDR- need hotkeys and better worker AI and/ability to tell workers to stay out of certain zones in all conditions.


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey nilsnils,

    Hotkeys is definitely something on our radar. :)
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