Ability to change "home crystal" for some Bricktrons or meeting points

Idea suggested by Knocks
Castle Story is missing one important option. When we play a map with "expansions" (additional shards with brimstone/iron/stone) it's hard to keep Bricktrons in new expansions. After doing they tasks, they're coming back to main crystal which is annoying. There should be an option to change "home crystal" for Bricktrons.
  1. Select Bricktrons that you want to, click "Change home", select another Shard
  2. Let Bricktrons do something, after work they're coming back to new shard, not home crystal.
Or you can add something like "meeting points" (known from RTS games, meeting point for newly produced units or similar thing).

Meeting points would work for sandbox, invasion and conquest, "change home" option would work only for invasion and conquest because of shards on the map.
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