Error multiplayer freeze

Hi, I play with a friend and when they spend a few minutes suddenly I freeze the game, it looks good I can move with the camera but I can not perform any action and my minions are frozen just like my friend, the host goes well, we have both good Internet


  • Looks similar to the "Running Bug" from v0.9, seems like all of the kinks haven't been 100% worked out yet.
    Usually, this can be fixed by just saving and rehosting the game.
  • Hey, my buddy and I got the same problem now. We reinstalled the game and deleted all files we could find.

    (Registery -> Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sauropod Studio)
    (Appdata -> \LocalLow\Sauropod Studio)
    (Appdata -> \Local\Temp\Castle Story)
    And the files itself ofcourse.

    Its not exactly reproducable but whenever a Bricktron picks up an item such as Planks from a Chopblock it occurse that he picks up an "invisible Item" and as soon as he tries to use the Item somewhere the Bricktrons walk on one spot. Game works still on host side. Commands made on Client side are still registert on Host side.

    sincerely Phil
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