Stockpile Settings in Blueprint / Stockpile Organizing

Please allow us to set our Stockpile settings when placing the Stockpile blueprint.

Right now, if I want to specify all of my Stockpiles for particular resources, this causes problems. For example, if I have one full stockpile of Cloth and another Cloth built at a Loom waiting for an empty Stockpile, then if I build any new stockpiles anywhere on the map, immediately a Bricktron will come over and pick up that Cloth to bring it to the new stockpile, even if I wanted that stockpile to be for Brimstone for example.

Then, when I actually set the stockpile to accept Brimstone only, the Bricktron will have nowhere to put the Cloth, so he'll just drop it, while another Bricktron will make a replacement Cloth at the Loom, which wastes resources.

Even worse, if the Bricktron gets to the stockpile before I can allocate it (like if I am busy dealing with an attack while they are building my stockpiles) then the stockpile will have Cloth in it and it won't be able to accept any Brimstone. Then I have to manually pick up the Cloth with a Bricktron to make room for the Brimstone and then drop the Cloth.

This can be fixed if we could set the Stockpile settings while placing blueprints. If that isn't possible, an alternative solution would be a toggle you can have that makes the default for Stockpiles be "keep empty" (not accepting any items) so that they can be assigned after they are built. Perhaps this can just be done with a second Stockpile option, the first being "Stockpile (Accept Everything)" and having little resource icons on it, and the second being "Stockpile (Accept Nothing)" which just shows an empty stockpile.

Finally, it would be nice if otherwise idle Bricktrons would move resources from mis-assigned stockpiles. For example, if I have a Stockpile and changed it to accept Logs instead of Planks, but it currently has Planks in it and there are empty Plank Stockpiles available, it would be nice if a Bricktron would pick up the Planks and transport them to the appropriate stockpiles, instead of having to wait for the Planks to get used randomly (or manually move them).


  • This would be very interesting, likely, it doesn't work with their current system, but that "default is restrict all" may be possible. I like this idea a lot.
  • 3rded this is a good idea
  • Love that this game is finally released and am having fun playing it. That being said, placing stockpiles with "default is restrict all" would be so much better for all the reasons outlined in the top post.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey guys,

    If we make stockpiles forbid all resources by default, that adds an extra step for new players to figure out how to play early game - having to not only figure out how to get wood, planks, then build stockpiles, but how to also make the stockpiles accept these resources.
  • The suggestion wasn't to make Stockpiles set to "Forbid All" by default, but to have the option of having Stockpiles set to "Forbid All", perhaps by having a second Stockpile button in the construction menu that would be the empty stockpile by default, in addition to the one that's set to accept everything.

    The problem is that the way it's set up now, the ability to restrict stockpiles at all is basically worthless, since even if you set it immediately after the stockpile is made, there's a good chance that some Bricktron somewhere just went to go pick up something to put in that stockpile.

    That's why my first suggestion was to simply have the ability to configure the stockpile while it's a blueprint, so that it's automatically configured when the Bricktron finally constructs it.

    This would be useful for things like Chopping Blocks and other workshops as well, since then you could set them to chop wood or create cloth or create gears or whatever to begin with, instead of the start of the game having you waiting eagerly for the Bricktrons to actually build the Chopping Block so you can actually set it to make them chop logs.
  • Hm. I would rather suggest a stockpiling-task, as a sort of substitute for the now missing stockpile management.

    This way one could choose which stockpile stores which resource, additionaly it would be possible to assign Bricktrons , who would sort the resources, clean up the stockpiles in the case there are more stockpiles not completely full and probably move the resources to spots where a certain resource is needed more.

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