Hello! I've just started playing this game and, after going through several maps there are a few problems I don't know how to fix. If I'm missing a solution, please let me know.

1) It seems that in order for an item to be moved to a structure to be used, it must be available from a stockpile, even if you're taking it from one structure to another. This can be solved by having plenty of stockpile space, however in the case of Logs and Stone, you can easily acquire a lot more than you can use or realistically store, since you have to clear out trees for space and on a map with few surface nodes, mining for ore/brimstone will also produce a lot of stone as a side effect. For logs, you can just set each stockpile for specific items only, since logs can be used off the ground, but stone is a problem since the Bricktrons will not mine until there is space to put the stone. This leads to me trying to find reasons to use the stone, and slows down my efforts to tech up.

2) When a Bricktron is moving an item to be used, he will always carry the maximum amount he can, even if less is needed. If this is for a structure he will move the items to the structure, make the item, and the move the item back to the stockpile, even if multiple items are queued to be made and could have used the additional material.

3) Is is possible to accidentally cancel a structure that if partway through making a weapon kit. What then happens is that half a kit is created with no way to finish it or craft just the missing item.


  • 1. I believe you are correct, but I would have to fully test to verify. I do believe you need a designated stockpile for, lets say for example, Iron Bars, in order to have them take the Iron Bars directly from the furnace to the Forge to make a Knights Kit.

    2. This also works in reverse unfortunately. Create a landscape task and you'll instantly see what I mean, as each Bricktron will break a single voxel before running back to drop it into storage. These two things need to be fixed soon, probably in a 1.0.1 update, because we've been waiting a long time for this.

    3. I have not verified this with every kit, I know that for the halberdier, somehow I managed to magically lose a Halberdier Hat, which may have been due to some sort of physics bug or something, I'm not sure. In 0.9, this had happened once to me and once to my friend and if we just requeued another kit, they would start by first making the missing piece. I think this may not be the fact for all new kits.
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