Bricktrons don't want to dig

Hello together :)

At the moment I'm playing Invasion mode.
In the picture you can see that i gave my Bricktrons the task to dig a quarry but they are just standing around and doing nothing.
As you can see, there are enough free stockpiles for stone, iron and brimstone and there are enough tasks, which need this ressources too.

In the most cases I know, that I forget something. But this time I have no idea, what could be the problem.

Thank you in advance, for your help :)
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  • They likely do not have any stockpiles to put the stone in, judging from your stockpiles having preferences. It could be something else entirely however, I would try removing those logs from the quarry.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Keep in mind they won't put stones in stockpiles if you have those stockpiles locked to bricks. Bricks and stones are two different resources
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