New mode: Advanced Conquest

The actual gameplay on conquest is okay, playing against players is interesting. But fighting with Corruptrons lacks in castle building. You need to focus on army and rush, there is no need to build castles when you need to expand quite fast. That's why I propose making new game mode: Advanced Conquest.

- 1 big crystal per faction (Bricktrons/Corruptrons),
- only for humans vs corruptrons (single/multi)

How does it work?
Corruptrons are expanding they base, just like players but in another way (only for Corruptrons).

Main Crystal spawns Minitrons (like crystal for Bricktrons). Minitrons needs to build "Transformator" (it can look like the mystic head from prototype trailer). It's made out of stone. Then Minitrons needs to put brimstone inside (firstly, they gather it from the surface, if there is no brimstone in reasonable area, they dig for it). The transformator produces curstone (cursed stone). It's needed for "Generator" (iron and stone needed to build). Generator generates cursed crystal. Minitrons put cursed crystals in the ground and the new Corruptrons spawns (like insect's eggs). More crystals they put in one place, the better Corruptron/Biftron/Warlock spawns. And the last thing is "Cursed Ward" (cursed crystal and stone needed). It works like Sentinel Ward.

From time to time Corruptrons attack player with part of their army. If they reach critical point, they try to destroy player with everything (they save 2/3 minitrons for resource gathering).


  • Great idea! You know what I think would be cool?

    Corruptrons having their own empire, being given the ability to make walls just like you.
    Different versions of objects that the player uses. Therefore, the Corruptrons can use everything you can.
    Basically, they can build whatever they want, and they are given the same possibilities you are.

    If this is similar to what this discussion displays, and I love it.
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    Post your comments :)
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