Public server list upgrade, tweaks for boulders and trees

  1. All my proposals about public list posted on image.
  2. Boulders should have less "bomb effect" when destroyed. When you destroy big boulder, stones are everywhere!
  3. You should tweak falling trees, many of them flies up and then comes down after few seconds.


  • You can also show the game mode in each server
  • I agree with the picture, and with Ferdo's addition. I also agree with the boulders and trees, but that one is a bit more difficult, as it's physics based, and sometimes the physics go a bit crazy. However, I'm certain there are ways it can be toned down a bit.
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    Post your comments :)
  • @DrWhoCares
    Maybe they can make the trees have more "gravity" to them. In the simplest words I can muster, for those who are lost, many games out there have engines that let you determine just HOW MUCH gravity affects entities that exist within a rendered plane.
  • @CastleBuilder It's not a guaranteed solution if you do that, it may work however. The thing is, physics issues are often caused by impossible scenarios, such as two objects occupying the same space at the same time. When two objects are in the same space at the same time (usually due to a low timestep, because a high timestep = much more calculations), they can possibly add extra force, or translate themselves apart until they are no longer colliding.

    In the first case, you have the boulders, exploding apart sending stuff flying everywhere.
    In the second case, you have the "rocket trees" which seemingly fly upwards, before falling down. They keep translating themselves until they aren't colliding, which makes them seemingly raise into the air.
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