What about a Captain?

I was thinking that maybe adding a captain to the team would be a great idea. Just one little yellow guy which could be a bit bigger and more powerfull then his equals.

At the start of the game, or it could have requirement to appear in the middle of the game I don't know, you would choose his class and it can NEVER be changed. It would represent your gameplay in some way. For example, if you choose to make it a worker then it means you will have a faster worker which is usefull for you because you like to make big castles or towers everywhere. If you choose to make it a knight, then you have a real tank and, for example, he can't be pushed away by the bigger ennemies. If you like to make shield line, then it is for you.

Maybe they could have one capacity for each class like a shield bash to push away ennemies for the knight which it would automatically be usedor a timed fast moving for the worker to reach more faster is objective?

I think that adding a "captain" like I call them would be a great enhancement for the pvp since people would have one thing to choose from the start which could make a difference in the game!

What do you all think about this idea? I'm looking forward to your comments!

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