Multiplayer Joining Fix

I don't know how others are joining multiplayer games, but I was having a lot of issues that I saw others having on these forums.
But then I tried using the IP address directly, removing the extra bit at the end and it worked.
It automatically came up as this: 123.456.789.012%13
Then I changed it to this: 123.456.789.012
Left the port as 3000, and it worked.
So removing the %13 off the end allowed it to join. No more dnsfailure, no "host" problems.


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    edited August 2017
    Hey Scruffy,

    I'm curious; where is the IP "automatically coming up as"? I'm not sure I understand. What's your step-by-step for joining multiplayer games?

    This could help me help a lot of other players or even have a bug fixed, if it exists.

    Thank you!
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