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It seems to be some people Dont like wards,i think there fine. but we definitely need more defense structures!

Defensive Structures----------------------------------------------

Ballista! Needs a worker, Moderate reload Speed,shoots arrows piercing targets,less dmg more units hit
Requires balistic arrows to reload, Structure Price Medium

Ballista Arrows,comes in packs of 3,requires wood and iron!

Oil Pots! Needs a Worker, moderate reload speed,pours hot oil right below pot (ideally on the edge of a wall or cliff!)
Requires brimstone to reload, Structure Price Medium

Cannons! Needs Worker, Slow reload speed,Shoots a cannonball in chosen area, units/structures take more dmg the closer they are to the center!,Does Land Dmg
Requires Cannonballs, Structure Price Expensive

CannonBalls! Require Iron to build,Ammo for Cannons!


Autotrons : a Ward that can Use worker stations as the workbench,furnace,Ballista,cannon,Oil Pots,Catapults! CANNOT HARVEST RESOURCES,can only use one station,uses only stored resources

Autotrons overheat for 5 secs after using Ballistas,Cannons,Oil pots,Catapults

Encourgment: Expensive Ward that increases Workers work speed in its radius by 10%,effect does not stack.

Speed: Increases Travel speed of allied units in its radius by 10% Effect does not stack

no need for new units there already making them.

End Game Screen! Shows Units lost/created/killed, Shows Resources gathered/used/created
Shows structures Buildt/destroyed

Spectator Allows players to choose spectator before game,allows to see all of the map,with a spectator chat.

Overview When game is finished players can choose to view the map or leave!

Attack Noise,not sure if there is one,but needs to be louder or more noticable like a siren or bell,only activates when a player structure/unit is attacked

Locking Doors,Disables any dumb workers to open the doors for enemies!

Resource Cost of Each Structure while hovering over

Protect the king!: all players start with a king! Kings are Fast and highly armored,but cannot attack. If one loses there king they are eliminated!

MegaCrystal: There is one Mega Crystal Ideally in the center of the map,First team to secure it for 3 mins win! Simliar to king of the hill gamemode!

This game is amazing with amazing potential cant wait for 1.0,hope you keeps these as consideration,but as always keep up the great work!


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    Thank you for taking the time to share these, it's appreciated! :)
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