Attack and armor type

So the 0.9 introduces the sentinels and the last streams show some new units. Actually if all units, sentinels and whatever do the same kind of damages, well an archer is an archer wether his projectile are magical, bolts or arrows. You can still vary them (see other post on the subject) on stats, costs or skills.

To provide more variety in the game and interests in the different units, consider this: use different attack and armor type for the different units.
For instance, for attacks:
  • sentinel, mage and magetron: magic attack
  • archer, halberdier, crossbowman and minitron: piercing attack
  • knight, corruptron and biftron: melee attack
  • explosion attack
For armors:
  • mage's cape or hat or whatever you see fit for a mage: magic defense
  • leather armor, wood helmet, biftron and magetron skin: standard armor
  • iron shield, helmet, iron armor: heavy armor
  • minitron, corruptron and bricktron skin: no armor
With the following benefits:
  • Melee attack: 100% against magic defense, 75% against standard armor, 50% against heavy armor, 100% against building
  • Piercing attack: 100% Magic, 100% standard, 25% heavy, 0% building
  • Mage attack: 50% Magic, 100% standard, 75% heavy, 0% building
  • Explosion attack: 100% against everything
That is just an example to make you think about it.
The advantage of that is to allow more equipments to be of interest and allow a bigger variety of corruptrons with mage armor, heavy armor or else.


  • This is probably a decently complex addition to add, but I agree, I've had the same thoughts, and would love to see this implemented.

    The thing that bugged me the most is how little damage the Artificer seemed to do. He attacks slower than a Sentinel, but can heal and move around. Yet even then, I feel like Sentinels do little damage anyway, so I dunno.

    I like the designs you made, however I would think the benefits would be something closer to:

    Types of Damage:
    Magical Damage (Artificer, Warlock, Sentinel Ward)
    Piercing Damage (Archer, Arbalest, Halberdier, and maybe Minitron or Corruptron)
    Blunt Damage (Biftron, Corruptron, Minitron, Knight, Bricktron)
    Explosive Damage (Explosive Barrels, Bombs thrown from Alchemist)

    Different types of damages are better or worse against certain types of armor.

    Types of Armor:
    Physical Armor (Bricktron, Halberdier, Archer, Arbalest, Knights' Healthbar, Minitron, Corruptron)
    Shield Armor: (Knigh'ts' Shield's Healthbar, Biftron?)
    Magical Armor (Artificer, Alchemist, Warlock)
    Structural Armor (Placed Blocks (bricks, planks, etc), Structures (stockpiles, doors, etc, including wards/pylons), Landscape (dirt, stone, etc)

    Armor protects better against certain types of damage. Not all things have the same AMOUNT of armor. Therefore a Bricktron (builder) may have less Armor than a Halberdier, despite having the same Armor type. Additionally, armor is NOT health. Shield Armor could be renamed to something like Heavy Armor.

    Type Advantages/Counters:
    Magical Damage:
    • Versus Physical Armor: 125%
    • Versus Shield Armor: 50%
    • Versus Magical Armor: 25%
    • Versus Structural Armor: 25%
    Summary: Magical Damage is strong against Physical types, weaker against Shield types, countered by Magical types, and extremely weak to Structural types.

    Piercing Damage:
    • Versus Physical Armor: 100%
    • Versus Shield Armor: 25%
    • Versus Magical Armor: 125%
    • Versus Structural Armor: 25%
    Summary: Piercing Damage is normal against Physical types, weaker against Shield types, countered by Magical types, and extremely weak to Structural types.

    Blunt Damage:
    • Versus Physical Armor: 75%
    • Versus Shield Armor: 150%
    • Versus Magical Armor: 100%
    • Versus Structural Armor: 50%
    Summary: Blunt Damage is weaker against Physical types, extremely strong against Shield types, normal against Magical types, and very weak to Structural types.

    Explosive Damage:
    • Versus Physical Armor: 125%
    • Versus Shield Armor: 75%
    • Versus Magical Armor: 100%
    • Versus Structural Armor: 150%
    Summary: Explosive Damage is strong against Physical types, weaker against Shield types, normal against Magical types, and extremely strong against Structural types.

    Obviously, these numbers can be tested or played around with, but the general idea is that:
    Magical units are strong against Physical units, but don't do much damage to other Magical units.
    Piercing units are strong against Magical units, but don't do much damage to Shield units.
    Blunt units are strong against Shield units, but don't do as much against Physical units, but are overall very good units.
    Explosive units are strong against everything, especially Structural units, but a slightly weaker to Shield units and only normal against Magical units.

    So to defeat a wave of 1 Warlock, 2 Biftrons, 10 Corruptrons, and 15 Minitrons you would want to have a well rounded approach.
    Use Halberdiers/Archers/Arbalests to take out the Warlock.
    Use Knights to take out the Biftrons.
    Use Sentinels or Artificers to take out Corruptrons and Minitrons.
    If you're rich and powerful, use catapults or Alchemists to take out everything.
  • Ok, your suggestion seems more accurate than mine. :)
    For explosive damage against structural armor, it would need to be set at a point where an explosive barrel would make a hole of a convenient size in the targeted wall (as in 0.8).

    I think we should add two special weapons: the bricktron pickaxe and woodaxe that would have huge bonuses against structural armors in order to make woodcutting, building and quarries convenient (still in 3 hits) while giving more healthpoints to structures (so they would not be destroyed by a few minitron punches).
    And these special weapons could not be used against enemy structures, in order to keep the balance.
  • Or rather, you could just make Bricktrons (builders) really good at breaking things, and everything else, not good.

    Similar to how KAG (King Arthur's Gold) has the Builder class, which often times you need aggressive builders to sneak their way into the front lines and decimate enemy fortifications.
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