Some annoying bugs (maybe already known)

Hi there,

Here is a little list of bugs I noticed:

- Corruptrons are very often stuck in ground. They destroy one block and get stuck in the hole they just dug...

- Bricktrons are less effective in large groups, especially for building tasks. It's certainly very tricky to correct, but I noticed that the more you add bricktrons to a task, the less effective they are... I mean, when you have 1 bricktrons assigned to a building task, he goes from stockpile to building easily. But the more you add friends to help him, the more stupid they become :s With 2 or 3 bricktrons, you increase efficiency, but when you have 6 or 7 guys building your tower, they constantly does goings and comings with there resources, never placing any block. It's even more pronounced when stockpiles are a bit far from buildings... I also noticed that since last update, they often arrive to a block with the correct resource, look at it, and then decide to go back to stockpile without putting resource in building...

- When using a cleaning task, bricktrons does not pick up metal ingots on ground.

- Since 0.9, I can't keep Castle Story's window opened when making something outside the game. I mean I've got 2 screens, one with CS and another with a web browser, and since update, CS always reduce when losing focus. (But game keeps running, as expected).

That's all for today. Thank's for your work !


  • With the second one, I believe I narrowed down the issue to them passing off their task and resources to another Bricktron. If you have a lot of people on a task that is far away from any other task (and no other bricktrons are going to get in the way at the stockpiles or anywhere else), then you often experience no issues.

    With the cleaning task, I noticed that as well, I think I reported it, but I'm not sure.

    With the windowed, the issue is that they implemented the feature where you can pick the monitor you want the game to start on. Due to this, the ability to do Borderless Fullscreen has been removed, as it is not compatible with this change. I would prefer to have borderless fullscreen over picking a monitor to play on, as you can just use Shift + Windows Key + Arrow Key to move a window (including fullscreen windows) onto another monitor.
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