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Hi there,
Here is another set of bulk suggestions for nexts updates:

- A "Transport" task would be a great help to improve building efficiency. By "Transport" I mean a task where Bricktrons would move selected resources from a stockpile / group of stockpile to another place. It would be usefull in case of far outposts. For example we could create a stockpile near an ore vein and a Transport task from this stockpile to the home base. It would also be useful for maniac guys like me, who loves clean and ordered things :D

- Something annoying is the visibility inside of buildings, in my last game, I created a tower, I placed my catapults on top of it and my barrels inside of it, but when I wanted to re-create barrels, it was hard to place camera in a way I can place something inside building. Maybe a transparency of walls when the pointer is near would be possible?

- A little improvement would be to make enemy targeting easier: I mean that the Corruptrons are moving fast and it is often hard to click precisely on one of them when moving a group of soldiers, and this make your soldiers to walk stupidly to the point where enemy was one moment before. This is annoying when you have a group of archer just well positioned which run at close combat because of a missed click...

- About tunneling: In most cases, 2 blocks large tunnels are sufficient, but when a tunnel is used by to much bricktrons, it creates traffic jams and slows them a lot. It would be useful to add the possibility to choose the tunnel width, for example when placing the first part of it.

- About efficiency: How annoying it is to watch some Bricktrons making non-sense goings and comings to far away stockpiles to ends up with useless resources as another one already brought the block. I understand that the A.I. coding is a bit tricky to edit, and a beginning of solution could be to add a way to manually place a block in a building, in order to speed up constructions we wants to achieve faster.

- Also about efficiency: It would be very convenient to be able to save blueprints with a name in order to use them later.

- About Fighting: Maybe you could let archers shoot even behind a ward? Currently when you build a wall and fill it's first collumns with ward, archers can't aim at targets anymore...

- Also about Fighting: As I said before, I'm a maniac guy, I like when things are well ordered :D It would be cool to have the ability to group soldiers and make them walk in formation.

- About bridges: It is possible to create a bridge and remove some of the planks on it. It's cool, I wanted to use this in order to prepare an attack, create the bridge except one plank and wait the best moment to place the last one... But we can't place any planks on it after deleting one, or I didn't find the way to do it...

- Last little thing: I use X-Ray to watch Corruptrons digging ground, but it's annoying to open/close the option bar each time... Would it be possible to add an hotkey for it?

Thank's a lot for reading me and for your hard work on this game =)

Edit: I just read some of the other suggestions and a lot of them are really cool, it would be cool to be able to "like" a suggestion post, in order to let you view the most preferred suggestions


  • 1. I asked for this in a few threads as well. The idea would be immensely helpful in the creation of "Feeder Stockpiles". I could have a tunnel or quarry task, with some stockpiles near it that do not convert stone into bricks, and also hold iron and brimstone. Then I have my main storage for those resources somewhere else. I assign some people to a reorganize task, and they take from the feeder stockpile, and place it in the main storage. This way, those working in the tunnel never go far, they simple drop off, and head back down in.

    2. A half transparency mode would be very useful, another very useful addition would be changing the X-Ray mode to better show that layer. That addition is a bit complex, as there is a lot of cases, but it would be very nice if it didn't just show us a single layer, but rather remove the roof. Placing my cursor on the ground level of a Tunnel Task with X-Ray on would show me the entire tunnel (all 3 blocks high), and remove the roof (all dirt/stone above), so that I just see the walls, and ground. As I said, complex change, transparency of walls probably would be too, but maybe if it was just a "set all bricks to be slightly transparent, and allow for clicking through them" would be decent enough.

    3. I often have this exact same issue, and I'm not entirely certain a good fix for it, but man I do reaaaaaaallly hate taking extra damage because I accidentally clicked near a corruptron, not on it.

    4. I believe this may be too difficult to implement, but I see the worth in it. To circumvent it, I create a separate tunnel task right next to it, then the issue is making sure it matches. A great addition would be being able to see other tasks (just like you can with construction tasks) for Tunnels, Quarries, and Landscape tasks.

    5. I've made a lot of noise on this subject already. Here is my copy paste from discord
    "This is a known issue, as Bricktrons will often times take more than what they need, or not use all of what they bring. In my experience, I found this was mainly due to the same issue causing them to walk to a subtask location, stop, then walk back to the main crystal and throw the items on the ground. Or to walk to the subtask location, only to stop halfway because someone else already completed that same task. From what I have been able to decipher in my own tests, is that it is caused by the Bricktron-Bricktron collision. When two Bricktrons collide and cannot path around, they will pass off their materials and task to the collider, even if that collider is NOT assigned to the task they are now attempting to do.

    Bricktron A has a brick to place for a wall.
    Bricktron B is coming back from a task.
    Bricktron A collides with Bricktron B and gives his brick to Bricktron B.
    Bricktron B is now given the task Bricktron A had.
    Bricktron A now heads back to grab another brick to complete the task he was attempting to do.
    Bricktron B heads to the location of the task, and tries to place the brick, but realizes he is not a part of this task, so cannot do it.
    Bricktron B heads back to the Home Crystal and drops his brick (given to him by Bricktron A), on the ground.

    There are other examples, and other cases where this is not the turn of events, but similar actions are made. These are known bugs and are being worked on. My advice to you is to avoid using the auto-assign feature, and to put no more than 4 people on a given task, unless there is ample space to do that task (a single way up to the top of a wall is not ample space for 8 bricktrons to all attempt to climb)."

    6. I also second this, I was really disappointed to see that you can't actually save blueprints. I was happy to see you can select prebuilt things as a blueprint, but the particular thing I wanted to blueprint has blocks that are destroyed after everything is done (and therefore not part of the prebuilt thing I am copying for a blueprint).

    7. Archers have a lot of issues with aiming, and it causes a lot of frustration. You can see a discussion with images on this topic here.

    8. Selecting a large amount of Bricktrons and telling them to go somewhere is a very strange thing indeed. Because they randomly select a position near your click, in a circle, whose size is based off the amount of Bricktrons you have selected. This is probably due to either them attempting not to collide with each other during their pathing, or maybe because they want to avoid them being all rigidly close, as that can cause issues.

    9. I didn't know you can do that, I'm actually assuming that's a bug, because I realize it's a multi-block structure, like a pylon, but the fact you can destroy pieces of it is interesting. I would report that issue.

    10. Having a hotkey for it would be nice. Having a hotkey for editor camera, or for setting editor camera as the default setting would also be really nice.

    11. A ranking system on the forums would be nice, I think it would be useful to set it up like Blizzard, and have each post able to be upvoted or downvoted to show support for ideas.
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