Gluey trees

I have recently played a map with some trees very close to a cliff. My problem is that half of the wood I cut is given to the great void by my fellow worshippers.
I wonder if that could be possible that, once the tree is cut, the wood it makes would fall then glue to the floor instead of rolling and bouncing ?
That would solve much of my problem.


  • I think that suggestion defeats the purpose of the physics in the game, however, I share the same issue often.
    I believe this is mainly due to the fact that a lot of trees are placed around the edges of the map, so you often lose the back row. However, some crazy physics bugs can happen sometimes and wood can go flying off the map as well.

    I'm not certain there is a very good solution for this issue, but there is often a lot of wood on the map, so it usually isn't a big deal.
  • I agree, for the conventional maps, it is no big deal.
    But I have that trend to make small maps with several small islands or a tower with only a few trees on them. It makes more challenging maps. :)
    Unfortunately, on that kind of map, it becomes a big deal.
  • Aye, I thought that might have been what you were getting at. In that case it becomes a tricky issue. Perhaps you could raise the edges of the island a little bit, so it may catch some of the falling trees.
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