[UI Issue] Harvest Tasks do not show "No Goals" if there are other harvestable objects in range

If a Harvest Task is created for a specific material (or materials), and a material that the harvest task is NOT set to harvest is also in range of the task, it will not display "No Goals" once all of the specific material(s) has been harvested.

When a Harvest Task is assigned to only harvest a certain resource, when that specific resource is no longer available in the range of the task, it should display "No Goals".

1. Create a woodcutting task (Harvest task for only trees)
2. Place the task near trees, and another harvestable material such as Brimstone, Iron, Boulders, or Plants.
3. Expand the area as necessary to have at least a bit of the other harvestable material in the range of the task, along with the desired trees.
4. Once the trees have been all harvested, the task will not display "No Goals".
5. Resize the task so that the other harvestable material is no longer in range, and only the trees are.
6. The task will now display "No Goals".

A very minor issue, but often one that can be annoying, because if you manually assign people to the task, they will do nothing after it is completed, but the task will not display "No Goals".
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