Corruptrons too few organized

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I've made a custom map with one big tower in the center and you start on the top of it.
It shows that the corruptrons are too few organized to escalate such a tower. As shown on the following picture, they dig the center of the tower, but can't make a way to the top or make the tower crumbles.


  • In 1.0, they have been working on a method to make Corruptrons attack and destroy buildings, rather than digging. This may help in this situation.

    The key thing to realize here however is that the Corruptrons' AI likely lacks any sort of knowledge of the behavior of collapsing, same as Bricktrons. Because of this, they have no idea that things can collapse when the supporting blocks are destroying. The Corruptrons in your picture are simply attempting to dig under where you are located, and then hoping you will fall. If you moved your Bricktrons to the outer edges, they will likely attempt to dig those outer edges, as their AI likely has the knowledge of your location (unless you are too far away, then they only have knowledge of your crystal), and will attempt to get underneath you.

    The AI attempts to path underneath you because this circumvents the need for the AI to have distinct and concrete knowledge of collapses. If the AI is below you, it is assumed that you will fall, or, that they can dig up. However in this case, digging up is likely not possible as it continues to collapse as more Corruptrons break different parts.

    This is all speculation on my part, but is a very interesting scenario you have created.
  • Actually, after some more playing of this map, the tower stands only on one side. So I was constructing a long balcony with a knight on it to lure the corruptrons to that side of the tower. But then it started to lag too much.

    Anyway I think the main problem here is that corruptrons have no global strategy, no overmind to tell them what to do. They act individually, annoying each other in the process. Here it is flagrant: Each corruptron whants to dig his own tunnel and so they make the whole tower, and with it the other corruptrons that might have succeeded in escalating it, crumble.

    I think they should work as a team. Instead of doing all the computations (that limits the number of corruptrons on the map) for every one of them, I think that it should be done for group of them, or for ll of them once and for all. So the overmind determines three paths to the top, he orders three teams of corruptrons to dig them and that is done. (I have already made a post on corruptron squads there.)

    For the crumbling of the tower, it could be one of the overmind's strategy as well as getting to the top, sending minitrons, etc.
    And it would be best that the corruptrons dig on the surface of the tower instead of in the middle of it. It would be easier to see their advance and fend them.
  • I agree that they have no hivemind AI, and most likely (I don't know the code), share no information with each other.

    However, I don't think adding in that sharing of knowledge would be very practical. It would make smarter AI, and I would think it adds a lot, but I believe it would be more of a post 1.0 update dedicated to advanced enemy AI.
    It would be interesting to see how the new updates to their AI in 1.0 will affect this map.
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