Unstoppable pause

I enter a pause state, no bricktron move. The interface tells me that if I want to exit the pause, I need to press P, which does not work. However, when I press esc to enter the menu, the bricktrons start moving. I feel thatit should be the other way around.


  • I believe there is a bug with the P button not working.
    I'm not certain, as I haven't messed with keyboard shortcuts, but you could check the settings to see if there is a setting for the pause button. Perhaps it is not on P. Shatojon experienced an issue attempting to pause during the stream 2 weeks ago, but I think it was because he hit the wrong button.
  • I do not know if the P button works or not, but I am pretty sure this is another issue. Thing is everything is reverse: in-game it is paused, when you press to enter the menu, it is unpaused and bricktrons work. Usually it the opposite.

    Moreover, this "special pause" is triggered not when I press a button, but when while using the X-rays, I try to modify a blueprint a bit too quickly. I have reproduce it only once and I am afraid have not found an accurate description of it. There must be some rat race behind it.
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