0.9 can't connect/host server 2 blocks away

me and my friend can't play multiplayer and only 2 blocks away from each other is there a way it can be fixed in 0.9?


  • It would be helpful to know the issue you are having.

    Do they get the message "Wrong Host"?
    Are they being booted back to the main menu with no error message?
    Are they unable to join your game through Steam?
    Are you unable to invite them through Steam?

    Are you able to play the game normally? As in, can you play singleplayer? Do you have a 32bit OS? Do you have 4GB of memory or less?
  • me and him get the "wrong host" message and get sent back to the title.
    and we play it on steam.
  • Is the Host Alt-Tabbed at the time the Client attempts to join?
    When you create the lobby, sit there and wait, and tell your friend to right click your Steam icon and click "Join Game".
    That should fix it.
  • hey DrWhoCares
    when the host of the server does "invite game" it will not work nor the player joining try's the join any way it still wont work. maybe it's wifi f***ing up... sorry.
  • ... castle story multiplayer works now
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