Some ideas for the Halberdier(idk how to spell it lol).

Since the halbeldier uses spears you could have it so when u press the stance change button, they hold their spears foward (its really hard to explain but it kinda looks like this so it kinda slows down the corruptrons in front of the spear but while the stance is active they can't move or turn around.


  • because if u just get knights easily now, what purpose will halberdiers have? i can already imagine a scenario like, your knights are low on health, you can tell them to go back behind the halberdiers while they are in the stance. having the halberdiers hold them back for a little bit while your artificer heals the knights.
    also i think arbalists should have more damage but they move slower, right now its just more range which is pretty bad, you can make archers since they're easier to make and cheaper.
  • I completely agree that Halberdiers serve little to no purpose.

    Due to the significance placed on a loss of a soldier, creating 6 halberdiers compared to creating 3 knights is often just not needed. Those extra 3 Bricktrons could be assigned to Archer kits, allowing them to pump out a ton more damage. Losing a soldier is catastrophic right now as you both lose the kit, and the soldier for a completely undetermined amount of time. Deaths need to be on a timer, and not based off of wisps at all.

    Halberdiers would be interesting if they had a unique mechanic like a pike wall (instead of the shield mechanic currently available to the knights), and I recommended it during the stream. However, the question becomes, what does it do? Slowing down is a good idea, but how is it countered by the enemies? Do they have to walk around? If so, what happens in a bottleneck?

    Adding a mechanic to them seems like a good option, but figuring out the specifics of it becomes the difficulty. Unless that is fully addressed for every scenario, I think the better option would be placing a higher worth on knights.
    Damage of halberdiers is low, at this moment it is the same as knights, which is very low. Having 10 archers, and 2 knights to soak damage deals with most attacks.

    I propose that the Halberdier stays as it is, with the same attack damage, and the same amount of resistance it currently has, higher than a worker, lower than a knight (no shield bar). The knight should get a buff though. His damage should go slightly higher (especially since large Corruptrons simply smack them around preventing them from doing anything but dying), along with possibly a change that they can't be smacked around by large Corruptrons while they have shield bar (unless hit from behind?). Along with this, knights cost would be increased. Instead of spending just 2 extra iron bars, perhaps its more.

    3 iron bars are not expensive, and I would never see myself risking the lives of Bricktrons to be frugal about iron.
    Hope that feedback helps.
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    Hey @DrWhoCares - can you elaborate on "the significance placed on a loss of a soldier"?
  • Shatojon said:

    Hey @DrWhoCares - can you elaborate on "the significance placed on a loss of a soldier"?

    I'll try to make it clearer, if I fail to do so, let me know.
    I wrote out my entire thought process, but please just read the "TL;DR" for a concise reason, and read the rest if you need context and an example.

    If you sustain major losses, it is often catastrophic, and leads to the end of that save. This is because when you sustain a significant loss, especially when you have a lot of bricktrons, you have to wait literal real-life hours to get those bricktrons back. If you lose most, if not all of your military, and have no supplies to make new kits in time for the next attack, then you have lost.

    The respawning of Bricktrons is seemingly not based on a timer. It is based entirely on wisps. If I lose the ability to kill Corruptrons, and lack extra crystals (usually due to Corruptron attacks), then I will likely never have a chance to defend myself again. It also seems that it does not follow any particular order on who is revived first. I have seen workers who were the last to die, get revived before the one with the Knight kit, which is much more valuable.

    Losing a kit for a extremely long and undetermined amount of time, often times with no resources left to build new kits, makes building a weaker kit useless. Additionally, due to the low damage of Knights, building knights as a source of damage is similarly useless, and they should be used entirely for holding enemies in position while archers fire to deal damage. Biftrons ruin that meta (by combo stunning), which is why having more than a single knight is required.


    When my friend and I play Conquest, we play Coop so that it essentially becomes Invasion, but without the rounds. We attempt to expand, but focus more time on building a cool defense, while also being attacked. Often times our defenses are staged at a particular chokehold, and we usually run an army layout of 2 Knights and 2 - 10 Archers.

    Archers are always placed away, so they can shoot safely, knights are often placed to hold position in front of a door, while the archers bombard the enemies with shots, hopefully eliminating them before the knights have to take damage. When Large Corruptrons (Biftrons) show up, this rarely happens, and they will reach the knights. Depending on how well are defenses are setup, we may be fine.

    On certain maps, or in certain playthroughs, we may not get our defenses up in time. Perhaps the bottleneck is too far, or we started late. Whatever the reason, we have to scramble to defend ourselves. Take this example:

    I have 12 Bricktrons. I am attempting to build a defense while taking a crystal. I have 1 knight, and 2 archers (9 workers), and a spare knight kit and spare archer kit. Up until this point, the attacks have been relatively easy to defend from. This next wave does not prove to be that easy, as a Biftron shows up (often the thing that turns the tide). This is sometimes because we have to save and reload (and a raid is spawned), or sometimes just because it's that late into the game.

    Due to them catching me unawares, my knight is swarmed as the Biftron begins to make his way over. The archers are not doing enough damage. I send two workers to get the spare kits and have two more start building another archer kit, and a knight kit. While I am managing that, I miss the fact that the knight has lost all of his shield, and now the Biftron has arrived. The knight is punched, swarmed, and killed. The archers are attacked and I make them run. The corruptrons destroy any pylons I have while following me back to my base. My new knight and archer join my 2 surviving archers for the fight.

    Often times, I can make a comeback here. Sometimes, it doesn't turn out that way. Sometimes I lose both knights, some workers, some archers, and a lot of constructions. Then begins the process of repair and continuing to defend. Lets say out of the 12, I lost 2 knights, 1 archer, and 2 workers. 7 workers left, with 1 archer kit and 1 knight kit on the racks. Unless I am lucky, and I had a lot of wisps as the fight was happening, it will be a very, very long time until I get any of those workers, knights, or archer back. This is the issue.
  • Actually the most expensive thing about a knight is the fact that it costs one bricktron. Iron ingot is cheap to produce in comparison.
    I see several possibilities for the halberdier:
    1. He costs no iron ingot (only wood and iron ore) and so becomes an early unit. But then he won't be of any used in the late game.
    2. He has very different statistics: for instance, he could be much quicker than the knight (that would be slower than he is now), he could deal more damages against big corruptrons. As a quick and cheap unit, he can be used to backstab enemy units. I think that would work against knight, their shield protect them only for attack coming from the front, right? We would only need a corruptron with a shield...
    3. He has a specific ability (with a stamina bar). But I don't believe in your slow ability @Nvremore , because it is already the role of a knight to slow down units, which he does already quite well. I am searching for alternatives.
    4. He deals damage on two or three ranks.
    5. He respawns way more quickly than the knight.
    Or all of it.

    The same works for arbalesters.
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    Thank you!
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    New suggestion : the halberdier has a longer range and so can fight enemies from a wall up to two voxels high.
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    2nd this, I made this suggestion quite a while ago back when I thought it was merely a suggestion, not a planned reality from the team. Additionally I'd like for them to have longer range in general. As it stands right now, Halberdiers are useless in the late metagame for both single and multiplayer. IRL Halberdiers were indispensible long range units used for phalanx formations.

    Granted Castle Story is not some sort of Warsim like Wargames European Escalation, nor a Warsim Grand Strategy Hybrid like Rome Total War, but it'd be useful to look at those games to get some hints on troop movements plus formations.
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