Combat improves, time change, island improves, hunter and hunger, enemies improves and misc improves

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--------------------------------------Combat improves-----------------------------------------------

*New class: the magician, who can cast destructive or healing spells.

*That the warriors can be improved by shields and gold swords.

*That archers can be improved with crossbows.

*That magicians can be improved with healing or attacking spells.

*To tame the wolves to help the bricktrons.

--------------------------------------Time change, Island improves, Hunter and Hunger------------------

*That every so many days change the different times of the year, changing the texture of trees and grass as in winter and autumn.

*Add animals like the pork and chicken to the island.

*That the bricktrons starve them over time to feed them.

*Add wolves and bears to the island to make it more difficult to take resources from the island.

*New mineral: gold, to be able to improve the troops and make blocks harder.

--------------------------------------Enemies improves----------------------------------------------

*New enemy: similar to the trailer of the game, that can throw giant rocks to the castle and the bricktrons.

--------------------------------------Misc improves--------------------------------------------------

*Be able to save your plans to play other games like multiplayer.

*To be able to play in conquer mode against I.A of other bricktrons.

Thank for reading, I know you're going to love it.


  • 1. This is already in 1.0.
    2. Knights already have shields. There will be a new unit called the Halberdier that is cheaper to make, but less tanky.
    3. This is already in 1.0.
    4. The new units in 1.0 can be swapped from attacking to healing.
    5. There are no wolves in the game?

    1. Snow will be an added feature in 1.0, it is a replacement texture for grass.
    2. There is no reason to add extra creatures. Plus, the extra AI would be added overhead. I wouldn't recommend this idea.
    3. Bricktrons are stone golems, they don't need food, nor do I believe the game needs the extra micromangement.
    4. There's no real reason to add extra AI like this, Corruptrons and Bricktrons are enough.
    5. Gold would look too similar to Brimstone. I don't think a strengthening resource is needed, for now the addition of glass and the new workbenches in 1.0 should be enough.

    1. The Warlock is being added in 1.0, he shoots magical shots and can summon medium sized Corruptrons.

    1. There is currently a method that you can build something in Sandbox, then take the files over to a new save, which you can then edit or play. You can see this method in use on the map "Riverains".
    2. This would be incredibly difficult to program, and I would never recommend it for such a small studio.

    Hope this helps, and gives some feedback on your ideas.
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