[AI Issue] [Implementation Rework] Landscape tasks are performed extremely inefficently

Bricktrons performing a landscape task will perform the task inefficiently in a number of ways:
1. Bricktrons will break a single block, then return to drop the materials off in a stockpile. This includes breaking a single top layer of dirt (grass or dirt), gaining 4 stone, and heading back to the storage.
2. Bricktrons do not perform their tasks in a logical order, instead opting for a more "random access" subtask assignment. This means Bricktrons will randomly pick a block to break or build, rather than performing like a printer, one layer at a time. Construction tasks used to be the same, but were fixed long ago. This often leads to random holes when building up layers of dirt, or Bricktrons being stuck because they destroyed their only way out of a hole, or someone else blocked them in.

1. Bricktrons should fill their bags with the maximum amount of resources before heading back to storage.
2. Bricktrons should operate similar to a printer, or construction tasks, completing a layer at a time, the most preferred implementation would make sure to leave some sort of stairway to dig up and reach whatever has been made unreachable.

1. Create a landscape task that digs down a significant portion, and perhaps builds up another portion. Both issues can be observed here.
2. For an easier way to see the issues, create a landscape task that only removes the top layer of dirt and nothing else. They will randomly dig any part of it in no particular order, and once destroying a single block, will return to storage.

This doesn't seem to be a bug, as far as I can see, so this is more of a implementation rework request. As someone who uses landscape tasks heavily, this is insanely annoying, as coupled with the AI issues seen here, it can cause a simple task to take more than an hour.
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