My list of ideas to game.

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Hello, i'm new on this forum, but Castle Story player since 2013.
Anyway i have some suggestions, that could be added to the game. Hope you will enjoy.

1. Flags/Banners. It would be great if flags will be added. In Conquest Mode (Multiplayer) flags and banners will represent team. Ex: Red flag - red team. Easy :)
2. Seasons. I guess it would be impossible to do something like that, but here's the explanation. In menu when we want to choose gamemode and preset for our map we can choose our season we want to play with. It will be great thing.
3. Bossfight? (Maybe???)
4. Decorations. I know Castle Story is game about building castle, guard your crystal, beware of golems and take part in factions and fight against our enemies, but some sort of decor can be useful. Like: Benches for our minions, fallen dried leaves and paths to lead the way to somewhere.

I hope you will enjoy.
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