[Multiplayer] [Conquest] Workers will stop their assigned subtask after another completes it

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Bricktrons will VERY often gather the supplies such as a brick, iron, brimstone, etc., and head to a task, only to turn around and leave midway or even after arriving at the uncompleted task location. They will complain that the storage container is already full, then leave, walking back to the home crystal, dropping the supplies on the ground, and auto-assigning themselves to a task (possibly the exact same one). Approximately 1 out of every 8 Bricktrons (or more) will complete a task.

This means that Bricktron A will grab supplies and head to the subtask location. It takes him 30 seconds to reach that location. Before those 30 seconds are up, Bricktrons B, C, D, E, and F all grab the same supplies that Bricktron A has and begin to head to the same subtask location, with varying starting times. When Bricktron A reaches the subtask location, he finishes the task, and either auto-assigns himself to another task, or stays on the current and goes to complete another subtask. Bricktrons B, C, D, E, and F all get the message "Storage location is already full" (or whatever that error is), and head back to the main crystal. They stand there, then drop their supplies.


1. Bricktrons should not be assigned to the same subtask.
2. Bricktrons should reassign themselves to another subtask if their subtask is completed, or otherwise no longer available to complete. This should happen without having to stop and return to the crystal and un-assigning themselves from the task.

2. Create a construction task of a decently large size, along with having many other tasks. (Play the attached save as Blue Player).
3. Create a construction task for a pylon and a lantern. Make sure you have brimstone and iron bars.

Lots of people have reported this in various modes. I believe it may have something to do with the fact that when a Bricktron on his way to his task becomes blocked by another Bricktron, he will pass off both his materials, and his task, to the blocking Bricktron. Even if the blocking Bricktron is NOT in the task that the first Bricktron is attempting to complete. I believe this is causing the Bricktrons to assign themselves to the same subtask. Either way, the issue is clearly that the Bricktrons are being assigned to the same subtask, and are unable to reassign themselves to a new subtask without first walking all the way back to the home crystal, dropping their supplies, and reassigning themselves.


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    Thank you, I've forwarded this to our QA.
  • I wanted to follow up on this one, as it's currently the greatest issue I can see with Castle Story, because this makes a simple construction, or mining task, or whatever, take 10x as long.

    I can confirm the issue with this is a mixture between the auto assigning feature and the "Bricktrons who have another bricktron in the way will pass both their supplies AND TASK off to the blocking bricktron."

    In a multiplayer sandbox game on Kairos, I have started with 20 Bricktrons. I have selected all of them and press H to make them stop auto assigning at any point that they swap back to being auto assigned (When a task ends, or when you take them off of a task).

    If you assign any number of them, lets say 8, to a construction task, and have the rest do absolutely nothing and stay out of the way, all 8 of the assigned bricktrons will work as expected. They will take the resources, and build. If other assigned bricktrons get in the way, they will successfully pass their task and resources on, and it will continue as normal.

    IF HOWEVER, any bricktrons who are NOT assigned to that task get in the way, the task will be passed on to them. However, as they are NOT assigned to that construction task, they will take the resources to the location, stand there, and leave for the home crystal. They will drop the supplies at the home crystal, and go back to their assigned task (If it is a manually assigned task, they will go do it, if they are on auto assign, they will auto assign themselves).

    In short:
    The issue with Bricktron AI right now is they pass their resources and task off to a Bricktron who is NOT assigned to that task. The receiving Bricktron will then be unable to perform the task they are not assigned to, dropping the resources at the home crystal.
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