Hello Sauropod Studios

Its a great game but there are just too many crashes in the game, I get crashed most of the time while saving my game and , so then i have to From Scratch all over again. I would really appreciate it if you fix the crashes, and add some new kits to the game, And one extra request, could you please send me a copy of the game because i dont have it right now but i really want to try it. Your faithful fan "Deadlock101"


  • So wait, you don't own the game but you're playing it?
    Then you want them to give you a free copy, so you don't have to buy it?

    You should really just buy the game if you like it, Sauropod Studios is a small indie studio, they need your support by actually purchasing the game.
  • No its not that, I gave away my game to my bro and I am not able to buy or download it from steam as well, so i am totally cornered, please give me an idea of where to buy it instead or steam and sauropod studios
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