Iron ore overload

Hey Community,

Lately in my invasion games the further in waves I get the more ever growing piles of iron choke up my stockpiles. Can we get another structure to spend our iron on?

Suggested uses:
Building Material - Smelt ore or ingots using forge into rods for an upgraded version of your current wood build structures.
- Iron rods could be only slightly stronger then wood.
- Potentially allow iron build structures to support stone on top, unlike wood which can not?
- issue with consumption of orange crystals as orange crystals are rare maybe due to sentinel and healing pylon construction. Could we burn wood for fuel alternatively?

Combat orient:
-Maybe something like ground covering spikes for minimal bleed damage over time spent in contact. I'd hate to suggest a usage life spam but game balance may lean that way. Repair nodes could call Bricktons over to replace used up ones or repair them... maybe by just using iron ore in its basic forum to help consume it and stop the choke?


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