Worker's complete lack of self-preservation

So, the pathfinding on workers has been greatly improved over time, but there's still one issue that really bothers me.

They have no problem walking through an area that's swarming with enemies.

Like in invasion, if you just leave a worker to do tasks automatically, they have no issue with doing a lumber task that's RIGHT NEXT to 15 corruptrons.

Also, while I appreciate the punch attack for archers... with workers, it actually makes it MUCH easier for them to die, because 9 times outta 10, it would be safer for them to just run away.

Also, the thing that bothered me the most, and is actually the prime reason I made this thread, was the fact that while playing conquest, workers would just randomly waltz right next to a corruptron controlled crystal, aggro half the map, and basically ruin the run, because he triggered a massive corruptron push before I was ready. ALSO- in this particular case, it wasn't even the fastest way to get to his destination. There was a much fast route that was heavily guarded for him to go through.

So, my advice is to have some sort of system where bricktrons try to avoid going into the radius of a corruptron if at all possible.


  • I've noticed this with my friend very often. It seems to be related to the fact that the bricktrons cannot path through each other. Standing bricktons, workers, archers or knights, are all solid objects, the same as a brick wall.

    So there may be a temporary blockage due to workers attempting to do something in a bottleneck. They don't repath, so they end up taking a long route, and dying, constantly. This is very annoying.
  • Yeah, at this moment game looks like constant bricktron catching, otherwise they will bury your Crystal under huge piles of stones and dirt :smile:
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