[MAC] Game doesn't load correctly on Sierra

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CS freezes after start before even reaching menu (macOS Sierra, Humblebundle, but Steam is installed).

CS launcher starts but when clicking on "Play" the program window closes and nothing happens.
There is a workaround to right click on CS-launcher - click on "show package contents" - open "contents" - open "macOS" and starting castlestory-launcher from there.

Afterwards it is possible to start CS but only Steam workshop maps are offered,
Again there is a workaround to right click on CS - click on "show package contents" - open "contents" - open "macOS" and starting castlestory from there. Now all maps are offered.


  • What's your computer specs? The lack of maps offered sounds similar to another issue where only Quasar is shown. The solution was that the PC was too weak to handle Castle Story and was unsupported.
    Additionally, have you tried a fresh reinstall? I'm assuming you have.
  • Hi Dr,
    I tried a fresh install without success. My Mac has 16 GB Ram, Core i5 and 125 GB free space on SDD - should be enough. And with my workaround I can see 13 maps ...
  • So wait, are you running it through steam, and it's not working when you click play through steam? I'm a bit confused on what your workaround is doing. (I don't use Macs)
  • I'm running the DRM free version but Steam is installed.
  • Just uninstalled Steam completely and made a clean install of CS. Still same problem. Can anybody confirm that CS runs on Sierra without issues? Maybe it's a problem of the new introduced path randomisation in Sierra.
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    On MacOS most of the programs don't have an installation wizard. They appear as a file with the extension app and you just have to drag'n drop them to application folder (which is very comfortable especially in case you have to uninstall it later).
    In reality this app file is a package which contains all files and folders of the app and you can view them by right clicking and click on "show package contents". In rare cases the package is defective (or not made for the target platform) and then it makes sense to try to start the program from package content.
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