Memory Leaking

Memory consuming slowly constantly raises as game keep running. You could check it by the system task manager. After some time memory runs out and game crashes. With more system memory the game will work longer but it will crash sooner or later because of that leaks anyway.

It leaks like 1 Gb memory / 1 hour playing. You could check it for yourself.

BTW, game doesn't see system paging file if its on secondary disc only. Because main system disc is SSD and paging file on it will consume it's lifetime there is no one on it. On secondary physical HDD is 8 GB paging file but in crash reports game shows 0 MB paging file.

While the system memory runs out and there are still like 200 mb free memory you could save the game. Then quit to desktop, run game, load saved game and WOW! There are a plenty of free memory again! On the same map with same structures, bricktrones/enemies etc. And again as time passing memory starts constantly decreasing. You will be lucky if you could save game BEFORE it crashes because of this problem :(

After you've saved the game at the 200 mb free memory point and press quit to desktop button there is also crush situation often at the moment you are quitting.

P.S. Don't tell me buy more memory. It will not solve the problem. Game will crash later and I will lose more progress, just it.


  • I have never crashed due to running out of memory. The maximum I have noticed myself reaching is 9.5Gb of memory used. I have 16 total Gb of memory. I have made the CastleStory.exe "Large Address Aware". This allows it to use over 4Gb.

    You can read about it and download it here:
  • I have checked it. I'm not sure if it's actually affect anything. The game itself already could running 2+ Gb of memory. Like 3.5 Gb maximum physical memory I seen, not using page file at all. Have one, but game doesn't see it.

    In your case you will need around 12 hours to game crash. Like you playing 12 hours and boom! It's all lost! Or if you have 8 Gb it will crash right at the moment there would be less then 200 Mb memory free. Not sure if it's using pagefile in your case.

    I think developers should fix the leaking bug in a first place. Or make the game using pagefile at least. Increasing memory could do some help, but its not a solution. Its just makes crashes happen some time later.

    Thanks for advice anyway!
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Thank you DeityGod, I've forwarded this to our developers team.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey DeityGod,

    Our devs would like to know which gamemode this was on?
  • I would think it's Conquest, as that's where I experience the same issues.
  • DeityGodDeityGod Member
    edited July 2017
    Most time I was played Invasion mode, both premade map and my own. Same problem was in sandbox mode. What about conquest - I'm not sure. Played it once, don't remember. But as far as the problem persist in sandbox I'm strongly believe conquest could be affected too.

    The only mode worked perfectly well for me is World editor. So maybe problem somehow connected with playing part of the game, not engine itself, imho. Anyway, game was never crashed in World editor for me. Or maybe I just haven't used World editor long enough to detect problem there :)
  • It's very possible that the issue stems from lots of Bricktrons and Corruptrons. The issue is, it must be a memory leak, as there is no cleanup of memory.

    Used memory never goes down.
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