New camera angle desired that will allow for cave building.

I appreciate how much there is still to be done and I am really impressed with the current tunnel feature. This is something I have not really seen in any game previously. Unfortunately we cannot really see the results of all that digging. Though the game is true to life in this respect, it would be really nice to be able to see the layout of the tunnels that you have built and/or any natural caves if they are introduced.
My suggestion therefore is to introduce a camera view that allows you to set a level or layer. All terrain above this layer immediately becomes transparent or invisible. This will then allow you, provided you have set the level correctly to look down into your tunnels and furnish them as you wish.


  • Just press X-Ray button and you will get what you desire :smile:

    Firstly open settings (1), then press X-Ray (2) and you will get something like this:

  • Xray is pretty useless due to the fact that it only shows a single layer.
    A better Xray would show everything cut down to that layer. This is more difficult to code, and so not a major addition needed, but it would allow you to lower the xray to the tunnel floor, then you can see up to the top of the tunnel, rather than just that single layer.
  • Thanks :)
  • Something like X-Ray from Stronghold or Sims when outside walls from your corner of view disappearing and you see interior? Well of course it would be nice! :smile:
  • In addition to this issue.
    It would be quite nice to give the user control over leveling(camera height levels, similar to the editor view) of the green dot, showing the camera aim. Maybe with the keys +/-as far as I remember those are not used yet.
  • I think it is shift+Z to go up, shift+X to go down. You can see it / change it in the options.
  • You can also use Shift+ScrollWheel
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