Middle Mouse Button and Touchpads

Hi Sauropod,
I'm playing CS on a laptop without a mouse. It works great so far, but I have a problem with camera controls.
I have no middle mouse button to control the camera.
I can't change the key for camera movement in the games controls. Is there a way to change that?
Best option for touchpad-users would be to have two keys for camera tilt imho. I use the keys R and F to tilt the camera in other games.
Maybe you could take this as a suggestion for future patches. Or is there a solution I'm not aware of?
Thanks in advance!
PS: Thanks for the great updates. Great to see you making big steps!


  • Just found out that I can simply use the arrow keys ;) So never mind, I'm dumb ;)
    Maybe it would be an idea to make that keys bindable so I can bind camera tilt to R and F keys as I'm used to from other games.
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