[1.0] If we're introducing new terrain tilemaps, can we have Sand, and Coarse Dirt?

Sand tilemaps can add a bit of variety to the current Dirt voxels. Notably, it depicts the land has suffered from a period of erosion, and sentimental elements are exposed to the surface.

Coarse Dirt tilemaps can also add a bit of variety to the current Dirt voxels, particularly on the mountain tops, cliffsides, and rugged terrains. That way, it doesn't always have to be all Dirt, and would actually differentiate between Recently Modified Dirt and Natural Dirt.

Recently Modified Dirt means the Dirt that had Stone Bricks laid on top of it and was removed due to Corruptrons or other destruction. In other words, it is the current Dirt tilemap.

Coarse Dirt is the dirt we normally see naturally around us, and has not been touched by the Bricktrons yet. Grass with dirt patches that had died off in parks and other grassy areas in real life is the Coarse Dirt we know.
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