List of current bugs for v0.9.2

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These have been reported elsewhere by others in some cases, but I'll throw in my reports as well.

1. Joining Players will often get the error "Wrong Host"
When accepting a Steam game invite, the joining player often gets "Error: Wrong Host". This is somewhat negated by the joining player clicking Join Game rather than receiving an invite. This is usually fixed by either exiting out to menu and rehosting, or fully closing the game and rehosting. This happens very often.

2. Corruptrons randomly spawn in mass numbers causing immense lag
At some point, the lag became absolutely immense. It came after a reloading of a save due to player 2 disconnecting. I sent out a soldier to confirm my suspicions, and I was correct. There was over 30 corruptrons spawned around each crystal. about 5 of them were large, and the rest was about half and half of the other sizes. Killing half of them greatly decreased the lag. The cause of lag seems to be directly tied to the amount of corruptrons in almost every case. This was on Conquest COOPLightsOut (Normal).

3. Increase in AI randomly dropping items at crystal despite ample storage
This one seems to be because of the AI randomly deciding to swap tasks, however, I could be completely wrong. This has definitely increased in severity since v0.9.1, as it happens constantly, rather than occasionally. This even happened with iron bars once. He just walked off with them towards nothing. I dont know what task he was on, but nothing needed iron, which he took from the stockpile.

4. Cleaning task does not see Iron bars as something to clean
Iron bars must always be manually picked up. Once they are dropped on the ground, they are completely ignored as items. Manual pickup is the only way to remedy this.

5. Sword for knight kit randomly became unusable
This happened to my friend. He queued up a Knights kit, and most likely what happened was the Bricktron did bug #3 and decided to randomly throw the sword on the ground. The sword could not be picked up manually or otherwise. It was forever stuck on the ground. When queuing up another knight kit, they luckily decided to just build a sword.

6. During a landscape task, multiple bricktrons got stuck endlessly whacking at a stump displaying a strange error
I was unable to get a screenshot of the error. It was something like 'str_believed_voxel_was_already_built' or something. Maybe replaced instead of built. Not sure. Eventually a few stopped, but most walked away then came back and did the same thing. Two continually whacked at a stump until I manually moved them. Those two constantly displayed the error.

7. Client player loses all stockpile settings upon reloading of save
Every single time we rehost and start playing a save, my friend has all of his stockpiles set back to their default values. This was not an issue in v0.9.1.

This is insane, because it makes saves unplayable. When I say massive, I mean absolutely, unkillably, massive. We're talking at least 5 large guys, 20 medium, and 30-50 small corruptrons all spawn and start running to our home crystals to attack. This is a raid, we are not provoking them. Additionally, even after losing literally everyone and everything we hold dear, the attacks do not stop. I modified the settings for COOPLightsOut to be the same difficulty as COOPEasy, and this is insane.

It quite literally does make the save completely and totally unplayable. This is something that needs a hotfix.
Attached is my save. Boot it up, and within a minute you'll have a hundred or so corruptrons banging on your door.

There may be more. I'll make new posts if there is.


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