X-Ray shortcut, Game modes options

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Hello dear Shatojon!

Here is my humble suggestions. Sorry if similar ideas was before :)

1. X-Ray keyboard shortcut. It would be very helpful to quickly change between view modes.

2. A little bit deeper ability to config game modes through LUA. Currently we can change a time between waves, day/night duration, unit cost etc.

But how about an option to change health points of bricktrons/corruptrons; arrows/rocks damage; enable/disable pylon system; easy/advanced craft system etc? :)

Thank you for your attention :smile:


  • More importantly, it would be useful to have a wiki page with a list of every setting configurable through the .json files. If you look at Conquest COOPLightsOut you can see it has different settings than lets say, COOPNormal or COOPEasy. I would really like to know WHAT can be customized. Since I don't really know what "moonlight" is.
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    Seems like ambientColor and moonlight are respond of intensity and color of the night lights where 000000FF is a HEX value of absolute black.

    Lets change to any color, for example crimson which is DC143CFF. Now we'll see something like this:

    Welcome to Oblivion! :smiley:

    Also prefix COOP means multiplayer mode, for single mode you should edit files without this prefix :smile:

    By the way here is the good site with colors and it's HEX values.
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    But I'm agree with you, it'll really be good to have some tutorials. Yet I guess wiki will have low priority so it is better to just have an option to discover all options on our own rather than wait on explanation first :smile:
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    Wow. I must admit it is very nice option :smiley:

    Bloody moon of Hornburg

    "ambientColor" : "#2D2142",
    "moonlight" : "#E6050A",

  • Yes, I mean I already know what the values do, despite the fact that for some strange reason the HEX values are 8 characters long, not 6. However, "moonlight" is not as immediately understandable, because in LightsOut, it affects the reflection off things like boulders. Make the color #FF0000 and you'll see bright red, but still dimly lit, rocks.

    I wanted to modify these colors to fix the fact that LightsOut mode is broken for the host player, but I can't find a reasonable solution.
  • I understand what are you talking about. And I'm not sure is it bug or feature - to see location of all resources even in absolute darkness :smile:
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