[0.9.2][MP Invasion] Freezes and tunnel entrance bug

A friend and I have been continuously trying to play the game since 0.9 with no measurable effort. After some time (< 1 hour) the game freezes at the client side (which is me, because I am sadly not able to host with 0.9). The game can be resumed by reloading, although the freeze will reoccur after a short time (~5 minutes). This sadly makes the game unplayable.
Also, we encountered a strange bug, that sometimes, when trying to mine a tunnel, the brickton will produce endless amounts of dirt stairs, which are then lying around the entrance.


  • EvaxMeorEvaxMeor Administrator Developer
    Hey Rhombus!

    Do you have a save that we could try here on our side and reproduce the game freeze bug?

    How much ram do you have on your computer?

    Thanks for the report and support.
  • RhombusRhombus Member
    Hi EvaxMeor!
    Thanks for the quick reply. To elaborate a little bit: The freeze is not a game freeze, but rather all bricktons running without moving. Also, the wave timer continues to count down (After 0:00 it continues to count through the lower ASCII-characters ("/", ".", ...) =D).
    The host's pc has got 8 GB of RAM, mine has got 18.
  • DrWhoCaresDrWhoCares Member Backer
    edited July 7
    Are you on version 0.9.2?
    EDIT: Nevermind I see it mentioned in the title you are.
    We had this issue when loading the game because of the bug that was fixed in v0.9.2.
  • RhombusRhombus Member
    I forgot to upload a screenshot showing the dirt stairs:
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