Some ideas we came up with on the Discord

LIST OF CONTENT THAT WE BRAINSTORMED (some ideas are shite, some bretty gud ;) )

1) FIRE that actually spreads. Forests could burn down, and wooden structures too if you arent careful with it.
2) Natural Disasters, or some sort of dynamic map thingy that causes the map to naturally change as the game progresses. Earthquakes collapse cliffs, tornados rip up trees, storms cause trees to spread, lightning causes fires, tsunamis, etc.
3) Horses?
4) Regicide gamemode, you defend a king instead of a crystal
5) Boats? (alternatively, airships?) To make em, you need to properly design it on land like a castle, then drop it into the water. Badly designed boats will not function correctly.
6) Drawbridges, Gates, Portcullis', etc.
7) Ladders!
8) Wheelbarrows, that function as portable stockpiles/ let bricktrons transport more. Ramps are needed for them to be pushed up or down though.
9) Some sort of trader airship/boat that arrives, allowing you to trade for supplies, ensuring that you do not run out of resources much later on
10) Different types of catapult ammo?
11) Make explosive mining a viable option? Just more dangerous than normal mining
12) More types of unit, perhaps a magic guy who does splash damage?

Obviously a few of these would be hard to code and likely wouldn't be added. What do you think?


    1. Fire seems like a decent idea, although with the current state of the game, I don't think it would add anything but headache. Most buildings are constructed of stone, and the added lag from CPU processing all of it would be tremendous.
    2. Similar to the above, I don't seem much addition for this one, however, it could be expanded to be more specific in what it could add to gameplay, perhaps even a new game mode.
    3. I don't see any point of horses. Bricktrons do move slowly, and having increased speed would be nice, but most maps are small enough, even the large ones, that it wouldn't help too much. Adding them as a carrier for supplies (much like a mule), would defeat the gameplay purpose of having many Bricktrons.
    4. This one is interesting, but I think it would be better if you were essentially defending a throne (the crystal), and the King has a prebuilt castle. Sort of like a 1v3 multiplayer version of invasion.
    5. Seems a bit unecessary, not sure what it would add, for all the extra overhead.
    6. These would be extremely useful. Rather than just wooden doors, metal gates. Levers and switches. This surely sounds like a 1.0 or post 1.0 addition however.
    7. I read somewhere that ladders were a thing, or were going to be a thing, but were removed because it causes issues with navigation. I can easily see that being true, but nonetheless, I too would like ladders.
    8. Wheelbarrows were a decent addition to Dwarf Fortress and I could see their use in Castle Story as another wood/iron sink, since there isn't much use for wood in most builds (compared to the amount of wood you can produce). Feeder stockpiles would help solve this need.
    9. I don't think this is needed because I believe if you run out of resources, you should probably end it. A single map shouldn't go on long enough that you literally mine every resource. Honestly, at the current state, your save may crash before you accomplish that.
    10. A scattershot (20 rocks), or something like a sinker shot (iron) which carves a hole downwards (similar to an explosion, but penetrates rather than explodes).
    11. Would be interesting, but I'm not sure if it would be very useful as the AI would need a path that gets to the resources dropped, which may not be guaranteed. Additionally, seems a bit expensive both CPU wise (dropping all the resources), and material wise. Unless a secondary item was added (mining explosive), then catapult shots would also drop a ton of resources, which would quickly tax the system.
    12. More types of units would be nice, and is probably already in the works. I hope so.
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