Improvements, suggestions and fixes

Hey Castle Story team!
First off I wanna say, I absolutely love your game! :smiley:

Been spending alot of time in World edit, creating my own maps, and getting to know the different things, and in invasion and sandbox mode.

I'm gonna put it up in sections, so it hopefully will be a little easier to read hehe.

World Editor

Okay so in world editor there are some stuff i think would help alot, and you probably gotten a suggestion about it before, or thought about it yourself, but here it comes anyway hehe, would be nice with a little more flexibility, with that i mean that could be nice if you could get more objects to place, like brick stones, long fallen tree logs, and stuff like that, so you may be able to put a little more "frosting on the cake" so to speak.

Hill making could be easier too, been struggeling how to find out how to make a nice smooth path upwards, so your men can go up and down easier, i'm sure i just haven't tried the right combinations yet, but it could be made more user friendly, because being able to go heigher and lower like that, gives a ton of map craetion possibilities.

Would also LOVE to have more shapes for my "creation brush" so there would be more options instead of just an circle, it makes it alot harder to make nice corners instead of keep going down to 1 or 2 pixels, i'm sure alot of players would like that simple option.


Invasion i have a few improvements i think could help alot, some of the things will also be in the sandbox section.

I have noticed when the enemies can't reach your base the tend to start digging down and smashing the stones and mountains on their side, which makes it impossible for arhcers and towers to hit them, this can end up stacking 1 or 2 enemies from each wave, ending up making the game very laggy because it just piles up on lots of memory usage (atleast for me anyway) was thinking that if they are forced with the option of not being able to get to you, that they atleast wouldn't start digging down, so this don't end up happening.


I like this mode, it can be relaxing and fun, and you can just explore the game and relax.

Your workers need a little improvement and fixing, have noticed that if i have more than 1 or 2 on a harvest project, they tend to mess each other up, stone are particaly annoying, when they go to place the stones on a stockpile, and it ends up being full but the other one also was heading there, instead of then going to the next stockpile, i have noticed they start running over to your home crystal, and drops it on the ground, it then tries to pick it up, but often miss a few stones, and with logs they just drop them and go back to harvest, this takes out a lot of time, because you have to manually keep taking one to put stuff back on stockpiles all the time.
Was thinking you could make it so, that if it targets a stockpile another worker is targeted aswell, it calculate the amount availeble, and sees if there is room after the 1st or 2nd workers amount is added, and if not, then jumps target to next stockpile, all this should happen in an instance when the worker is full on load ofcourse.

Would also love to maybe see a few more items with wood use, i feel like i only use wood on stockpiles, and maybe a little on a door or something, would like to see some blocks and stuff, like the stone block, so you can get even more creative with your builds

Castle building, and other buildings are very hard to structer, because your workers won't get above 2 blocks, and then you have to build tons of stairs and what not to give them the ability to build higher, it could be okay if you then could remove the blocks afterward, but you can't haha :wink:
Was thinking maybe give them the ability to build some kind of straight up wood latter on a wall to the spot where they need to go, so that they can move up and down, i know this maybe would give some animation problems because they can't climb a stair or something like that, while carrying a big block of stone haha, but maybe this suggestion gives you people some inspiration to a solution for that.

Crafting like iron ignot making, could be alot less time consumeing, if you could just set the furnace to auto make 8 ignots each time it runs out, instead of having to keep adding the action everytime it runs out, same for archer and warrior workbench.

Would like to see some more work with the "mountain digging" option, like make it easier to work around with, so you can get more use out of the mountain, instead of just feel like you are wasting a ton of resources because of trying to dig up or down, something to think about.

This one is a big suggestion, but would be kinda neat in my opinion, you can't really see into the tunnel and look how it's going in there, and how they are building and digging it, was thinking of a pretty cool idea (atleast i think so myself) :smiley: Was thinking while all your workers do their things and job, and you just go around looking and watching your things get done, you could use the time a little more fun, would like to see an option where you maybe would be able to take over one of your workers, and maybe go down into 1st person, and then be able to walk around the land and do stuff, like going into your tunnel and stuff, so you can have fun experience while waiting for your tasks to be completed, and also maybe be able to harvest and stuff like that, like use your mouse click to start hitting a rock in the tunnel (if that block is in marked by your building path ofcourse)

That's it from me, for the time being, i hope to see tons of more updates :smiley: And i hope some of my suggestions can be used, or atleast have given you people some inspiration to other stuff hehe.

Dezmo out :wink:
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