A few absolutely infuriating gameplay decisions that I believe must be changed

Keep in mind, these are my opinion, it could be that I'm actually missing something or I am just doing something wrong which is making my life a lot more difficult.

My friend and I exclusively play Conquest, Coop Normal Lights Out. We do this because we both get bases, and our own bricktrons.

1. Corruptrons will exclusively seek out and destroy pylons.
They do this to such an incredible degree. It's absolutely infuriating to have to watch as one large enemy, or one medium or even one small enemy runs past all of your soldiers, past all of your workers, past absolutely everything, just to hunt down a single pylon. After killing that he moves to another.
Not only do they seek out and destroy pylons, but they also don't give up.

2. Corruptrons attacking pylons will stop at absolutely nothing until it is destroyed.
You can have 20 bricktrons attacking a single Corruptron and they will not give up. They will destroy that pylon until it dies or they die first. When workers get attacked, and you send a knight over, corruptrons focus the knight. When archers get attacked and you send a knight over, corruptrons focus the knight. Why is it that they will not focus anything but pylons?

3. Corruptron waves are sporadic and, at times, absolutely insane.
Keep in mind, we're on NORMAL, and there has been multiple times when suddenly the bees nest awakens and 30-40 corruptrons come knocking at the door. I'm lucky that it's usually only half mediums and half small. However, there are times when Large Corruptrons will come in waves of 3. Or they come one directly after another, usually with another wave of mediums and smalls.

4. Pylon's are incredibly short ranged.
Pylons themselves are pretty cheap, but when you have to make 5 of them (and dont forget defend them), just to reach a crystal, then spend a ton of resources on building a capture node (then defend it, dont forget that), all while defeating massive waves of corruptrons which are angered by you expanding (boy howdy do they hate pylons), the total resource cost, not to mention time cost, really starts to add up quick. Then you have to somehow defend the crystal, while simultaneously expanding again, while attempting to defend your home base because, don't forget, they LOVE to run past your soldiers or take a back route (oh boy are there so many routes into bases) to destroy all of your pylons.
An increase to pylon range would be amazing.

5. Corruptrons are incredibly difficult to kill.
Now, don't get me wrong, you can easily spend all of your brimstone and iron to make 20 sentinels and use that to help defend, but one or two isn't going to do much against anything more than a single small corruptron. Additionally, it is incredibly easy to use 2 archers and 1-2 knights to fight off waves of 2-4 small or 1-3 mediums or combination of those two. However, the second you add in a large corruptron, say goodbye to every single unit you have. Then watch as your pylons are all destroyed and you're set back an hour of work, not to mention you have to wait about an hour to get half of your bricktrons back, further increasing the amount of time you are set back.

Large corruptrons are insanely difficult to kill. Archers are very useful, but it is so rare that a large corruptron attacks alone. It's even more rare that they dont kill at least one of your soldiers. Every single punch they do sends a bricktron flying. Every single time they just are about to stand up, they go flying again. Not to mention they can just get smashed off the island.

So yeah, that's some of the non-bug issues that I find issue with.


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Thank you for taking the time to post these.

    Just a little parenthesis concerning point 4 though; you don't need to power up capture wards with pylons.
  • Shatojon said:

    Thank you for taking the time to post these.

    Just a little parenthesis concerning point 4 though; you don't need to power up capture wards with pylons.

    You know... I played in Sandbox once and found that out. However, I never tested it in conquest.
    Man oh man does that really make my life so much easier!
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