Memory Leak

My friend and I have been playing for 3 hours now on a singular map without closing. Riverains, Conquest, Coop Normal Lights Out. Normally when I start this game I believe it uses less than 3gb of memory. It's now up to about 7.65gb of memory. I believe there may be a memory leak somewhere.

Also, the game starts to significantly lag as time goes on. I believe this has something to do with jobs, and probably auto assigning. However I'm not sure.


  • I remember now I did use an application to set the .exe to be "large address aware" which may be contributing to the fact that it is above 4gb. However, It is steadily rising. It is currently at 8.58gb
  • Yeah, i have the same problem sadly.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Thank you, I've forwarded this to our QA.
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