Some ideas.

i think corrruptrons should be more prone to digging, but should dig slower. this will make people think more about how their defenses are laid out and will make the strategy of just building a wall harder to execute, meaning that people who are not building castles will have to think more about how their walls are laid out and how defended they are.

secondly, i think that every once and a while two or three of one corruptron would be changed to a smarter corruptron that had special AI. the corrupton would have purple glowing along its back, and would do things that could mess p the player if they are not ready to react, but if ready to react will be very manageable. this would make the experience slightly more interesting for the player as they would have to pay more attention and engage more with the combat, and for any youtube or twitch viewers (more on twitch later) as they dont know exactly when something will happen next.

third, as a quality of life improvement, if 10% of a wave is left when the game starts the next wave they should be teleported to where the new corruptrons are being spawned, and joined to the wave.

examples for the better ai corruptrons:

a bifftron that the minitrons follow, and the bifftron only will pick up and throw the minitrons, and the bifftron will continue to catapult them untill they are all gone, they he turns into a normal bifftron.

a minitron able to scout for another way in and tells rest of team about it (stays away from defended ways in, tries to find undefended ways in)

corruptron (medium sized) that builds weapons out of it's dead comrades and gives the weapons to other corruptrons

you get what i wat with these. things that make people think more about how their base is designed and how their archers and sentinel wards are laid out.

for twitch, veiwers should be able to be one of the corruptrons (only if the streamer activates twitch mode) and choose if they will be part of a bifftron, be a corruptron, or be two minitrons. otherwise, they could be able to choose where their character attacks (or digs) the number of bricktrons should scale with the amount of viewers, to keep the game fair.

wow tis page is a lot longer than i intended, i guess i rambled a bit XD


  • also, there is a bug where the bifftron will not catapult minitrons AT ALL in invasion, so that could be fixed
  • Also (im sorry, but i have a lot of suggestions XD) can we have a vertical brick that is a full brick but verticle instead of horizontal?
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