Corruptron's focus

so i just bought the game, played it for a couple of hours, and i must say it was fun, but one thing i noticed is that the corruptrons focus on the wards more than the home crystal. like i just had a pylon ward on a cliff side, when the wave started the corruptrons just ignored everything and went to dig up the cliff just for that one ward. its frustrating because the cliff is linked to my base so after they dug up they can just come and destroy all my things. so can you guys do something about that?


  • I generally agree with Corruptron's focus being a bit off. Specifically, if they start attacking a pylon, they will not stop until it is dead or they are dead. You can have 5 knights beating on them, and they wont stop. However, they will stop chasing workers if a knight is even NEAR them. That's good behavior, but the focus on pylons is incredibly frustrating.
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