A list of all of my suggestion and good suggestion I read

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The 7 themes of the list:
1)New Bricktrons
3)New Wards
4)New Blocks

1)New Bricktrons:

*Axeman: (helmet with horn / axe / armor cuff) The Axeman attack very slowly but deal more damage than Warrior and stun enemies during ?sec, he have armor.

*Flail Knight: (square helmet / flail / gloves ) The Flail Knight attack all ennemies around him (like the Valkyrie in Clash of Clan) but deal less damage than warrior and attack slowly, he have armor.

*Rogue: (hooded mantle / dagger / dagger (or knife if the game need 2 différent objet)) The Rogue become invisible from enemies after being attacked during ?sec, he deal little damage but attack quickly and when he hit an enemy who don't target him he deal him more damage, he don't have armor.

*Shieldman: (helmet / shoulder armor / large shield) The Shieldman can't attack but have a lot of armor and can't be projected by the enemies.

*Wizard: (wizard hat / magic wand / magic book) The Wizard can remote attack but he have a small range, he fire slowly and deal little less damage than Archer but do zone damage, he don't have armor.

*Healer/Medic: (hat with red cross / first aid kit / syringe) The Healer (or Medic) can heal in a Bricktron at the speed of Heal Ward and did the same zone size but can did this zone at distance, he have the stats of a Worker.


*Dog: Why the idea of the dog was abandoned ? That looked very good.

*Start the Next wave timer when all corruptrons are but reduce the timer to ?min (And for counter the bug of the enemies who never come fight: if no enemies have suffered damage and deal any damage to a building or a Bricktron during ?min and that there is a way to pass from the corruptron's spawn to the crystal without the Corruptrons being forced to dig the ground, the Corruptrons are considered as buggy, so their disappear and the Next wave timer can start).

3)New Wards:

*Fire Ward: (pink) Like the Wizard but less strong and can overheat.

*Tesla Ward: (yellow) Spend electricity around it like the Heal Ward, it deal little damage to all enemies in it's zone, have overheat

*Ice Ward: (light blue) Spend snow around it like the Heal, it slow down all enemies in it's zone, Don't have overheat.

*Shockwave Ward: (black) Stun an enemy during ?sec with a Shockwave (maybe an appearance like the attack "Sonic Boom" in Pokemon), I don't know if it must have overheat to be balanced.

*Wind Ward: (white) It create an wind explosion around him who project ennemies at 2 cases from the ward and dealing them damage according to their distance from the Ward, it attack slowly and have overheat. (We can't build Wind Ward within 4 cases of the void, so that you can't project ennemies in the void by forcing them to pass near the void)

*Energie Ward: (orange) Have more energy than to other Wards and it share it's energy with the other Ward (the other Ward use at first the energy of the Energy Ward and when the Energy Ward has no energy the Ward use them Energy) and when we select to Energy Ward we can choose among the Ward in his range, which can and which can't use his in energy.

4)New Blocks:

*Medieval grating gate: Lot of people request an iron door but it will make the wooden door useless, so i suggest to add an grating gate who is more resistant than the door but we need to open and close it yourself (when it's close, it's close for Corruptrons AND Bricktrons; when it's open, it's open for Bricktrons AND Corruptrons) in contrary to the door; problem: it clings to the ceiling which does not coincide with the physics of the game and which will probably complicate it's addition, so I propose that when we build it, it's in a frame, so that it can use the physics of the game.

*Blocks with smooth angle for esthetic.

*Road: when bricktrons walk on road they walk faster.


*More gold in the ground: the 0.9 make the gold very important but there are not many.

*Have the ability to grow grass and trees: grow grass for the same reason than the gold and grow trees is usefull for sandbox because in sandbox we are building a lot of big buildings but it need a lot of wood.

*For stockpile, be able to choose what type of ressources they accept before they are build.


*When the taskbar is full, the game create another line below the current rather than exiting the screen.

*Camera: Change camera to an FPS camera (visit this forum: http://steamcommunity.com/app/227860/discussions/2/627456486224833495/ ).

*The AI: of course it's not the choice of the devellopers to get bug in the AI but I put it on the list because it's still problematic.


*Add a "Back to work" button.

*Can did a preselection of position that the Bricktrons will occupy according to their classes for when we push the "Call to arm" button.

*For the armor stock, be able to choose what type of kit they accept (like the ressource stock).

*Actually there are 3 game modes (Invasion/Conquest/Sandbox), a new game mode like the Sandbox but we are god, we can put block instantly, broke anything instantly, spawn and kill bricktrons and corruptrons, and can play on pause (for exemple prepare a defense scene on pause and look the scene on play).

PS: I have already write it on Steam


  • Nice.
    I was thinking of your shockwave wards, wouldn't it be nicer if it projects all enemies in its range (like an explosion) dealing them damage according to where they land (or killing them if they land in the great void).
    It could be another ward too.
  • thomasdurenthomasduren Member
    edited June 2017
    Very good idea ! I add that on my list
    Thanks ! ^^
  • thomasdurenthomasduren Member
    edited June 2017
    I change your idea a lot because:
    - It made Wizard and Fire Ward useless
    change -> (no range)
    - It made possible to project all ennemies in the void
    change -> (can't be build within 4 cases of the void)
  • Yes it need to have a very small range and also a long reload time unless it would be too powerful.
    Enemies would be projected according to their weight, so minitrons -> far away, beeftrons, only a few voxels away.
  • What about a Blackhole Ward where it sucks them in, and to stop them damaging it you need to build a wall around it of some sort?
  • What ? I don't understand
  • A ward that pulls them in basically, but doesn't damage them.
  • what is the utility ?
  • You would be able to slow them down, pin them into one point for archers, or even drag them off the island e.c.t.
  • Yes, but the enemies walk to the ward and the ward attract them -> walk faster, after they destroy the ward and walk normally, it help the ennemys :(
  • It could be a ward that launches blackholes.
  • That's why you would need to build a wall around it lol
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