Building Turrets that corruptrons can't get to causes them to just dig straight down (w/ save file)

So I built some turrets on a cliff overlooking a coruptron spawn/shard. The thing is, there is empty space separating the bottom of the cliff from the coruptrons, so that can't dig up the cliff. The route over land I guess is too long for the coruptrons to figure that out either. So what they began to do is just to dig straight down. Over time they completely destroyed the landscape near that shard. Also I got tons of free kills, since the coruptrons just kept clustering right in front of my cannons, which feels like it is definitely unintended behavior.

Here's a screen grab:

Besides just looking rather ridiculous, this eventually led to coruptrons occasionally falling to their deaths. Also, as it got to the late game, their ended up being coruptrons trapped underground, which I could not get to. So, I couldn't kill them, and this made it impossible to get the shard to neutral. Thus, the game actually became un-winnable, since I could never capture that particular shard.

Check out the #II file to see what I'm talking about. The #3 file is from the same game, but much later on, so you can see how things progressed.


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