v1.0 Creative Mode - Have the ability to delete any game objects instantly.

During yesterday's livestream, Shatojon shows off a quick tutorial about Wards. In one instance, he accidentally spawned a Corruptron inside the ground, causing a few Knights to congregate in one spot.

I find this to be somewhat of a problem while watching Shatojon stumbling from not being able to delete the Corruptron easily, even in Creative / Debug Mode. It is pretty easy to spawn in objects at where the Camera Pivot is at. Thus, it is just as easy as spawning objects inside the land (mountains, boulders, stockpiles, etc.). There should be a way to instantly delete objects when something wrong happens.

I would like to suggest a "Delete" button in the Contextual Pie Menu for all objects when in Creative / Debug Mode in the game. That way, Shatojon wouldn't have to stumble around in case he messes up. It will happen when he messes up, but a better way is the option to revert / delete mistakes.
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