Castle Story grinds to a halt as 200 corruptons spawn

I'm playing conquest and I'm conquering the map by turtling. After a while the corruptons stop mounting attacks. Later, I try tunnelling through a hill to capture a shard but as soon as my bricktons get close, 200 corruptons suddenly spawn, like they've been saving up for the occasion. The game promptly grinds to a halt.


  • eborgCSeborgCS Member Backer
    I have had the same problem. It would be nice if there was some limit to the maximum number of corruptrons that would spawn at any given time.
  • Maybe that is why my conquest game is having FPS issues... Hmm.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey guys, yeah with that amount of enemies, the game is going to suffer greatly.

    We're working on a solution as we speak. Here's a little hint as to what it might be:

    Thank you and sorry about that.
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