Position tasks for military.

One thing that i have wanted for quite awhile is the ability to mark locations for military personnel to automatically position themselves once armed (Manually or call to arms). Could we create a new task only for military units with invisible (only shown when task is selected) designation blocks that let's available units of that type occupy the locations automatically, would make the positioning of units much easier.
With either a manual "go disarm at rack" or the already requested reverse call to arms sending them back to work.


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    I agree with this suggestion, and while we're talking about troop movement I'd like to repost old ideas of mine...

    Patrol Routes

    Bring them back, but let us customize the route with the shift key instead of just using the drag and drop feature which I ended up despising and not using all together.

    Movement Formations

    Let us be able to move our troops either in tightly knit formations, in conga line like they do now, or staggered lines. Right now Castle Story's troop movement feels like that of Star Craft, a system that's heavily focused on APM and HPM instead of actual strategy. Honestly I'm not even asking for a bunch of new formations, a basic pincer formation, staggered lines, or conga line with a phalanx formation thrown in would be more than enough.


    As the grouping system currently works you're only able to select a certain unit type in masse while your camera is facing said units. Which is good; But what if I want to select more archers or knights than what is able to be seen by the camera? It automatically becomes a struggle with the camera with hope that the right amount of units was selected. This is clunky as hell and can be fixed by allowing us to create control groups.

    We already have task groups, the next logical step would be control groups. It would be so much easier to just be able to press a number key and already have a specific group of Bricktrons selected you can control directly. As the grouping system stands right now I find myself battling constantly against the constraints put in place by visibility and the camera.

    I know this DIRECTLY contradicts the game's auto tasking plus civilian tasking system idea, but an auto tasking, and civilian management system does not cut it for defensive movement or offensive movement like it does for resource management.

    Calling to Arms Improvements

    Right now getting Bricktrons armed is messy and clunky as hell too since the Bricktrons drop resources all over the ground as well.

    Be Able to Give Multiple Orders

    In a lot of 4x RTS and even non-4x RTS games you're able to give multiple orders, whether they're building tasks, attack tasks or movement tasks by holding the shift key, then left/right clicking on the places you want them to move, attack or build on. Such a feature would be greatly appreciated for this game since that means I could tell my troops in what order to attack incoming threats. Or I could give my troops ahead of time a specific route to take without me having to personally click on each and every single part of the map I want them to move. Meaning while my troops are moving towards an enemy position or crystal I can concentrate for a few minutes or seconds on managing my citizens while I wait for my troops to get in position to attack.

    Just in Case I'm Being a Dumbass

    Granted most of these ideas are based on the mechanics of .9 since I haven't gotten the time to sink my teeth into 1.0 completely, so I apologize if some of these have already been implemented. Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you did, and moreover thanks for this very unique and niche game.
  • Okay so one more suggestion, but this one is probably the most demanding...

    Firing Modes

    So firing modes for the most part are here and they are welcomed, in fact they're very useful, however why not further build upon it? Why not let us select which units our military units are hostile to, and which ones they will run away from? I think this is the most demanding of features I'm suggesting because toggling on or off this firing mode would be a pain in the ass without having control groups. Without control groups this feature could bog down the game with even more microing than what there is already present at the moment.
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