The dolls on the stairs

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I wanted you to solve without the bug of the dolls when they are in the ladder of the quarry they do not pass resource more of one to the other That is when there are several they are locked (until to select and to leave)
So I want to say that they get stuck the way it only comes out when we select and get out of the quarry
And I also want to send a suggestion for you to have the dolls pass resources from one to the other again because they would solve this problem
Portuguese version
queria que vocês resolvesem o bug dos bonecos quando estão na escada da quarry eles não passam recurso mais de um para o outro Ou seja quando tem vários eles ficam travados (até selecionar e mandar sair )
então eu quero dizer que eles ficam travados do modo que ele só sai quando nós selecionamos e mandamos sair da quarry
e também quero mandar uma sugestão para que vocês coloque que os bonecos passem Recursos de um para o outro novamente porque resolveria esse problema


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey Brenofaro,

    When Bricktrons get "stuck" in the Quarry stairs, it's because they are in two different tasks. Bricktrons can only exchange resources if they're in the same task.

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