Allow for tasks during game pause

I know this might have probably been discussed internally - but just a thought to have the ability to allow the player to place down tasks while the game is paused. The reason for that is I find myself not having enough time in between invasion waves to be able to build the proper castle defenses because I'm constantly placing down bricks, and then erasing them, and repeating the process. By the time I have a "decent" but not satisfactory design, two or so waves have already been sent and now I get interrupted trying to fight those off - and then finally my bricktrons are able to build my master plan - which again may take a while. At this point its two late and I'm fighting an uphill battle, or have already lost the fight. If the game was paused, I could spend the time creating and laying down the ideas I think would work, and then once unpaused they can start building and I can focus on managing other tasks that need my attention. This allows for experimentation with designs and concepts, otherwise I find myself rushing to do the absolute bare minimum (which is normally just going to be a handful of small walls) and really takes away from a "castle" concept.


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