"Mode: None Supported" for all maps except Quasar

Hi, as the title says I'm unable to start maps, the Mode part tells me None Supported and the OK button is disabled.

What I did:
- uninstalled the previous Castle Story,
- searched for "castle story" and deleted all directories containing it,
- then reinstalled it with Steam
- started the game and pressed New game
- selected any official map, faced the None Supported and a greyish-white OK button. Except for Quasar where the Sandbox mode is available.

(Much) earlier I was able to play at least the small maps but large maps always gave me memory errors (32 bit win7 here with 4 GB (3 GB usable) memory). The Quasar is a large map so as expected it freezes dearly with Tips and tricks becoming "Error" and "Abort".

Can you help me debugging/fixing this issue? (These issues?)


-- a Kickstarter backer who thought long ago this was an abandoned project but you guys surprised me. :blush: Thank you! :smiley:


  • AndrisAndris Member
    Looked around in the forum for similar bug reports and saw 0.7.6 to have some issues but this is (17,14,2). Also attempted to download Steam maps, "Le Loic 5" seemed to be a small one but it displays the same none-sense. :(
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey Andris,

    Definitely looks like old corrupted files. Please try a fresh reinstall;

  • I just purchased the game so I know I'm not using old corrupted files and I get the "None Supported" error as well. When I start the Quasar map it throws a error and have to abort. My 11 yr old son is really anxious to play the game but so far I can't get it working :(
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey Partimus, this is an issue that arises when the computer isn't capable of running the game.
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